For 3 months, we’re BFFs.

My team and I plan, pitch, and prep.

You show up and do your thang.

Your ideal clients flock to you.


Over the course of our 3 months together, you’ll get all of this: 

  • 45-minute strategy session.

  • A detailed podcast + visibility strategy.

  • Detailed research on your ideal client and the podcasts they listen to.

  • Personalized pitch with 3-5 signature speaking topics.

  • Custom bio to use for intros and show notes on #allthepodcasts.

  • 30 relevant podcasts pitches, follow-up, and coordination, as needed.

  • Ongoing analysis of visibility strategy.

  • NEW! Personalized client portal to house all relevant documents and information.

  • NEW! Seamless interview scheduling, handled by my team.

  • NEW! Work with your team to create landing pages for each interview.

  • NEW! Personalized prep for each interview with relevant background on podcast and host.

  • NEW! Monthly podcast episode audit.

  • 3 monthly check-ins

  • Ongoing analysis of visibility strategy

Why is this a BFD? 

  • We apply our well-proven strategy to develop interview topics that will convert.

  • We leverage both our cold-pitching skills and our vast network to position you in front of audiences of your ideal customer.

  • The only thing we don’t do is the actual interview. That’s all you.

  • Did you notice all of the ‘WE’ responsibilities? That’s the BFD.

Investment | $1497/month

1-Day Podcast Visibility Intensive

You complete a workbook. 

We connect for a 30-minute call. 

My team and I get to work. 

We deliver a pitch template, with all the fixin’s,
that would make your mama proud. 


In less than 8 hours, you get: 

  • A personalized speaker bio to use for #allthepodcasts. 

  • 2 identified niches of podcasts whose audience includes your ideal client.

  • 3 signature topics that will draw audiences to you and your offer. 

  • A customized pitch that positions YOU as the expert you are. 

  • A video walkthrough of your pitch. 

  • ‘How to Customize Your Pitch’ training. 

  • ‘3 Steps to Pitch Success’ training. 

  • ‘Using Apple Podcasts as a Search Engine’ training. 

Why is this a BFD? 

  • Your struggle to translate your expertise into interview topics that convert will be solved.

  • You’ll get a customized pitch template whose format has been tested with numerous clients and continues to convert into actual interviews.

  • You’ll be able to use the pitch template that same day.

  • The hard part – the prep work – is done for you.

Investment | $997


Given enough time, we could all land a podcast interview.
But, will that interview result in email subscribers, new podcast listeners, or a referral source?
Not by chance, it won’t.

We don’t take chances when your time and money are at stake.


Define measurable goals.

Whether it’s to grow your email list or increase your referral base, we define and measure our progress.

Develop expert talk topics.

We package your genius into ‘pitchable’ episode topics that are irresistible to your ideal client. 

Create pitch list.

We focus on more than follower numbers. Our unique approach to finding the perfect podcast is what sets us apart. 

Personalize the pitch.

Our pitches sound like humans wrote them. Because they are. We are the humans. You are worth more than a robotic template email.

Consistent follow-up.

One and done? No way, Jose. We follow-up until we get a response or it becomes just plain awkward. 

Leverage opportunity + relationship.

The real fun begins once the episode is recorded. Tada!! You have a new friend and a digital asset.


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‘Angie took a huge weight off my shoulders by doing all the work for me. All I had to do was show up for the interview!  I’ve been featured on new podcasts, a national media outlet, and a syndicated radio show for moms.

Angie is passionate about her clients and immerses herself in your message and only pitches people and outlets that will be a good fit.’

Kendra Hennessy

Owner + Podcast Host , Mother Like a Boss

After just a couple of months of working with Angie, I gained clarity around the ultimate goals of my business as well as the people I could serve best. I also discovered where to find those people and how to appeal to them.

I’m experiencing more traction and success with a lot less effort. I finally enjoy my business again, and have Angie to thank for it!

Sarah Argenal

Founder + Podcast Host, Sarah Argenal, MA, CPC

Angie took the time to really understand my vision and create a visibility strategy that was a perfect fit for me and my business.

Once she started implementing that strategy, the results were immediate! I’m getting booked on at least one high-quality podcast each week, I’ve submitted guest posts to high caliber publications, and I’ve been featured in an online summit.

Catherine Middlebrooks

Founder, brbYoga