What’s the big deal about being a guest on podcasts? 

Unless you’re living under an online rock, you’re likely aware that being interviewed on podcasts is one of THE hottest, most talked about marketing strategies around. 

But did you know the tangible impacts that a 30-45 minute interview can have on your business? 

  • More ideal clients not just being exposed to you, but getting a clear sense of your expertise and personality
  • A recurring and evergreen stream of leads
  • Discovery calls getting booked after just a 30-minute interview
  • Shortened lead time for booking high-end services and products
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other business owners
  • Audience growth for an upcoming launch
  • Are you a podcast host? Guesting on other shows helps grow your own listenership
  • Elevate your status as the go-to expert in your field


Any of these impacts sound like something you might want in your business? 

You are invited to join Go Pitch Yourself, a one-stop-shop for learning the strategy AND how-to for effective and efficient podcast pitching, whether you are pitching your own business or someone else’s. 

What is Go Pitch Yourself?

Go Pitch Yourself is the first program that teaches both the strategy and implementation of podcast pitching. Truth is, you can’t actually pitch effectively with only one of these pieces so, I’m spilling all the beans on how my team and I work with clients to land them interviews.

You may be wondering how I plan to fit all of the insider secrets that I’ve learned from sending 750+ pitches over the last two years into a program that’s actionable and will fit into the nooks and crannies of your business??

Doors are currently closed but will reopen in March 2020.


Email me at angie@angietrueblood.com with any questions you have. I’ll either email you back or schedule a time to connect so you can make sure this program is the perfect fit for your visibility goals.