go pitch yourself

You’re likely aware that being interviewed on podcasts is one of THE most talked about marketing strategies around.

But did you know the measurable impact that a 30-45 minute interview can have on your business? 

  • Grow your email list with highly qualified potential clients so you can more easily fill your client docket.


  • Quickly establish your know, like, and trust factor with new audiences so you can decrease the time needed to convert new leads.


  • Earn visibility opportunities that stay ‘LIVE’ forever so you can have a recurring and evergreen stream of leads.


  • Develop relationships with complementary business owners (the hosts!) and develop win-win collaborations.

  • Are you a podcast host? Point new audiences back to your own podcast to increase listenership!

Sounds incredible, right? BUT…you may be thinking that only business owners who can afford to outsource this marketing strategy can really grain traction from it.

Not true, my friend.

I started pitching myself to podcasts back in 2017 and quickly saw a significant and recurring stream of leads from those opportunities.

Need more proof that YOU can do that, too? Check out some of the interviews that Go Pitch Yourself students have earned by PITCHING THEMSELVES.

go pitch yourself

Are you ready to see whether podcast guesting is an outreach strategy that suits YOU and your business goals??

Then, it’s time to #gopitchyourself!

You are invited to join Go Pitch Yourself, a one-stop-shop for learning the strategy AND how-to of effective and efficient podcast pitching.

You’ll walk away from this program knowing exactly HOW to:

  • land relevant podcast interviews
  • show up in a way that increases the chances of conversion
  • AND save time doing it (because, you know, I’m sharing the expert secrets I’ve learned after supporting clients for 3+ years).

Check out these early results from Laura Tolhoek,
who used the techniques in the program to pitch herself:

go pitch yourself

So, what is Go Pitch Yourself? 

Go Pitch Yourself is the first program that teaches both the strategy and implementation of podcast pitching. Truth is, you can’t actually pitch effectively with only one of these pieces so, I’m spilling all the beans on how my team and I work with clients to land them interviews.

Want to know a secret that came out during the 2020 cohorts of Go Pitch Yourself? 

The strategy and how-to we teach inside of GPY is useful for ALLLL sorts of visibility opportunities. Students have successfully pitched for affiliate relationships, sponsors, YouTube interviews and more, all from this ONE PROGRAM.

Azhelle Wade, the Toy Coach, immediately got crackin’ pitching herself to a number of podcasts. After success in that space, the sky was her limit.  

go pitch yourself

Sneak Peak of the Core Modules

MODULE ONE: Define Your Strategy | Identify your pitching goals and the types of complementary business owners that serve your ideal client.

MODULE TWO: Develop Your Topics | You’ll craft 3-5 topics that are appealing to podcast hosts and that attract your ideal client back to you.

MODULE THREE: Create a Pitch Template | Craft a templated pitch email that concisely conveys your expertise, shares a specific talk topic and clearly conveys what the audience will gain from your interview.

MODULE FOUR: Draft a Pitch List | Identify podcasts hosted by complementary business owners that accept guest interviews, have an engaged audience, + approach relevant topics with similar energy.

MODULE FIVE: Send the Pitch + Follow-Up | Personalize and send the pitch and implement a robust, yet respectful, follow-up system.

MODULE SIX: Crush the Interview | Share the episode and leverage this new digital asset to serve both you and the podcast host.


BONUS MODULE | Prepped to Pitch Masterclass with notes and resources
BONUS MODULE | Leading Listeners to Take the Next Step w/Nikki Rausch, the Sales Maven
BONUS MODULE | Pitching YOUR Clients (for VAs, OBM, and podcast managers)
BONUS TEMPLATE | Templated Pitching Dashboard and Video Walkthrough


Lisa Lisson quickly became a ‘star student’ after using the tools in the program to stretch far outside the limits of pitching for podcast interviews. 

go pitch yourself

Ready for the details? 

I’ve put all the insider secrets from sending 1000+ pitches into a program that’s actionable and will fit into the nooks and crannies of your business (and life). 


    go pitch yourself


    • Short, actionable video lessons organized into 6 core content modules. 
    • An accompanying workbook with templates, scripts, checklists, and other resources to shorten the learning curve. 
    • Examples of pitches that have been accepted by podcast hosts. 
    • Access to content for the life of the program.


    • Members-only community for support and accountability.
    • Weekly check-ins for accountability.
    • Twice monthly collaborative Q+As for three months, with an additional three months of monthly Q+As. 

    Do you want to pitch YOUR clients? 

    If you work in a supportive role for clients (think VA, OBM, or podcast manager) and you’re looking to elevate your own services, we’ve got a little something for you, too!

    Increase the value you bring to the teams you serve, provide a service that can directly grow your client’s business, and offer higher-level packages. 

    We’ve got a Bonus module JUST for you and we host a Q+A specifically for service providers!

    Amelia Roberts not only learned how to better support her clients, but also began to prioritize her OWN visibility.