Connect with audiences of your ideal client,

establish your authority and build meaningful relationships.

⇒   Gain clarity on the types of complementary business owners that already serve your ideal client.

⇒   Develop strategic topics that will both *WOW* the hosts you pitch and will turn podcast listeners into raving fans.

⇒   Learn to efficiently research podcasts that feature guest interviews, have an engaged audience and have an energy that’s similar to your own.

⇒   Create a pitch template that sounds ANYTHING but robotic! 

⇒   Develop your own simple, but effective, system for pitching, following up, and tracking conversions. 

⇒   Hone your interview skills to maximize your opportunities. 

⇒   Leverage your opportunities to build authority, close more sales, and develop ongoing relationships with podcast hosts.

⇒   And…receive a healthy dose of community and accountability.