Looking for a roadmap for podcast pitching?

I know you likely came here to snag a long-ago, very popular opt-in that shared my pitching workflow. Truth is, that resources didn't cover the most important pieces of pitching...So, the 'Roadmap to Podcast Pitching Success' was born and now you can grab it along with a bi-monthly insider view of all things podcast pitching.

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    Oh, hey.

    I'm Angie.
    I'm a podcast junkie and pitch queen who can't wait to help you grow your business by being interviewed as a podcast guest expert.


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    Why podcasts?

    > You foster a personal connection with audience.

    > You develop relationship with the host.

    > There's no ad spend.

    > Clothing optional (*IF* it's audio only).

    > Episodes stay live forever.

    > Conversion rates are incredible if you know what you're doing. IF.