Let me help you land guest interviews on relevant podcasts so you can grow your business and build meaningful relationships.






For 6 months, we’re BFFs.

My team and I plan, pitch, and prep.

You show up and do your thang.

Your ideal clients flock to you.


Why is this a BFD? 

  • We apply our well-proven strategy to develop interview topics that will convert.

  • We leverage both our cold-pitching skills and our vast network to position you in front of audiences of your ideal customer.

  • The only thing we don’t do is the actual interview. That’s all you.

  • Did you notice all of the ‘WE’ responsibilities? That’s the BFD.

1-Day Podcast Visibility Intensive

You complete a workbook. 

We connect for a 30-minute call. 

My team and I get to work. 

In less than 8 hours, we deliver a pitch template, with all the fixin’s,
that would make your mama proud. 


Why is this a BFD? 

  • Your struggle to translate your expertise into interview topics that convert will be solved.

  • You’ll be able to use the pitch template that same day.

  • The hard part – the prep work – is done for you.

Or, would you rather learn HOW to connect with audiences of your ideal clients and potential collaborators in the most human way possible?

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Oh, hey. I'm Angie.

‘Do you listen to podcasts?’ I ask moms at lacrosse practice, friends in local government, and most anyone I run across that question ALL.THE.TIME.

Why? Because when I first started dreaming up business ideas over 5 years ago, podcasts were my lifeline. They offered education, entertainment and inspiration that I could really ditch the 9 to 5 grind without putting my family in the poorhouse.

After making the leap, I quickly realized how valuable of a tool they were for business owners looking to get visible in an authentic way. So, now I spend my days connecting the most inspirational business owners I know with podcast hosts that have become friends. 


Angie and her team were phenomenal to work with! Not only did I get booked on 11 podcasts in our three months working together, but we saw a steady increase in number of followers and email subscribers as podcast episodes went live.

Their continued communication and strategy made me feel so supported and truly visible online. Before working with her, I had zero time to pitch but knew I was missing out on an effective (and fun!) lead generation tool. I would recommend working with Angie to anyone wanting to get more visible online! 

Tasha Booth

Founder, The Launch Guild, Host, the How She Did That podcast

Angie took the time to really understand my vision and create a visibility strategy that was a perfect fit for me and my business.

Once she started implementing that strategy, the results were immediate! I’m getting booked on at least one high-quality podcast each week, I’ve submitted guest posts to high caliber publications, and I’ve been featured in an online summit.

Catherine Middlebrooks

Founder of brbYoga, host of the Rise Rooted podcast

Angie and her team were such a pleasure to work with. They fleshed out great angles for pitching podcasts that gave me even more clarity on where I could show up and be of service. They got me onto the hotseat of sharing my knowledge on others’ podcasts, which I love.

In our time together they handled everything effortlessly, even filling in the podcast guest forms, which was so worth the investment – knowing that everything was in great hands and done for me.

Natalie Sisson

Entrepreneur + Podcast Host, The Untapped Podcast

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